Asanga’s Mahayanasamgraha by Chikafumi Watanabe - 9788124607190

Mahayanasamgraha is one of the most important texts of the Yogacara School of Mahayana Buddhism. In ..

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Buddhism as/in Performance — Analysis of Meditation and Theatrical Practice by David E.R. George - 9788124601235

Professor George has ventured into a comparatively unchartered area seeking, as he does, to explore ..

Rs.500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.500.00

Buddhism in Karnataka by R. C. Hiremath - 9788124600139

Dr. R.C. Hiremath examines the age-old story of Siddhartha Gautama’s early life and renunciatio..

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Buddhist Art of Kausambi (From 300 BC to AD 550) by Aruna Tripathi - 9788124602263

The Upanishads capture the quintessence of Indian spiritual wisdom — unfolding deepest, highly ..

Rs.2,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,500.00

Buddhist Ethics in Impermanence by M.V. Ram Kumar Ratnam - 9788124605622

The book introduces readers to the fundamental ethical precepts of Buddhism. Buddhist ethics are sig..

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Buddhist Iconography in the Butsu-zo-zui of Hidenobu by Anita Khanna - 9788124605424

The volume presents the Buddhist iconography of Japan as depicted in the Butsuzozui, a collection of..

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Buddhist Logic and Epistemology by Bimal Krishna Matilal - 9788124606384

The history of Buddhist logical and epistemological theories constitutes an interesting study for Bu..

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Dalai Lamas — The Institution and its History by Ardy Verhaegen - 9788124602027

From the fifteenth century on, the Dalai Lamas emerged as the pre-eminent spiritual and secular lead..

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Discourses in Buddhist Classics by V.V.S. Saibaba - 9788124603604

Discourses in Buddhist Classics is primarily designed with twofold objective viz., (a) to serve as t..

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Faith and Devotion in Theravada Buddhism by V. V. S. Saibaba - 9788124603291

This is an analytical study of faith (saddha), devotion (bhatti) and worship (puja) in the Theravada..

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Few Facts About Buddhism by Gunnar Gallmo - 9788124600993

Today, when political ideologies/ ‘isms’ are crashing down and when, at the other end, the..

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