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Ardhanarisvara in Art and Literature by Neeta Yadav - 9788124601693

The scholarly work throws light on the artistic, aesthetic, literary and philosophical aspects of th..

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ART HISTORY VSI P by ARNOLD - 9780192801814

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ART HISTORY VSI P by ARNOLD - 9780192801814

ART HISTORY VSI,This clear and concise new introduction examines all the major debates and issues u..

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ART THEORY,concise and original introductions to a wide range of subjects--from Islam to Sociology, ..

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Bagore-Ki-Haveli: A Royal Edifice Restored to its Pristine Glory by Piers Helsen - 9788124602065

Rajasthan boasts of many beautiful monuments and structures of the royalty which stand as evidence t..

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Birds and Animals in Mughal Miniature Paintings by Zaheda Khanam - 9788124604854

The depiction of flora and fauna has been an intrinsic part of Indian painting traditions. The Mugha..

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Buddhist Textiles of Laos, Lan Na and the Isan — The Iconograhy of Design Elements by Fredrick W. Bunce - 9788124602508

Textiles from Laos, Lan Na and the Isan are prized for their artistic brilliance and aesthetic beaut..

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Bull in Early Indian Art - Up to Sixth Century by Bhogendra Jha - 9788124602553

The work deals with various aspects of the bull as reflected in Indian art and literature up to the ..

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Chandogya Upanisad — Translation and Commentary by Swami Muni Narayana Prasad - 9788124603741

Chandogya is the most intriguing of all the Upanishads. It begins with directing the priests of a So..

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Chittor (Chittaurgarh) — Historical View and a Guide by Irmgard Meininger - 9788124601501

Every region/community of the world has its sahre of oral creativity, in varying measures though. An..

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Clasp of Civilizations by Richard Hartz - 9788124608050

Our planet seems to be getting smaller and smaller. We now interact all the time with our once-dista..

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Classical Indian Thought and the English Language by Mohini MullickMadhuri Santanam Sondhi - 9788124608272

This book is based on the proceedings of a Workshop held in 2011 on Rendering of the Categories of C..

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Companion to Dharmasastra by Sures Chandra Banerji - 9788124600986

Dharmashastra is not just a corpus of scriptural texts. It is rather a genre, in its own right, of w..

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