A New Anthropology of Islam South Asian Edition South Asian Edition,BOWEN,Cambridge University Press,9781107615755,

About The Book: A New Anthropology of Islam In this powerful, but accessible new study, John Bowen d..

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A Reconsideration of the Theory of Non-Linear Scale Effects,LIPSEY,Cambridge University Press,9781108453097,

The main thrust of this Element is a critical assessment of the theory and evidence concerning the s..

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A World of Babies-Imagined Childcare Guides for Eight Societies-Gottlieb--Cambridge University Press-9781316502570

Should babies sleep alone in cribs, or in bed with parents? Is talking to babies useful, or a waste ..

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After Rape,Holly Porter,Cambridge University Press,9781316631867,

Following the ICC intervention in 2005, northern Uganda has been at the heart of international justi..

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Bread, Cement, Cactus,Annie Zaidi,Cambridge University Press India Pvt Ltd (CUPIPL),9781108814638,

n this exploration of the meaning of home, Annie Zaidi reflects on the places in India from which sh..

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Bushmen,Alan Barnard,Cambridge University Press,9781108406871,

The hunter-gatherers of southern Africa known as 'Bushmen' or 'San' are not one single ethnic group,..

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Celtic Folklore 2 Volume Set,RHYS,Cambridge University Press,9781108079105,

John Rhys (1840–1915), the son of a Welsh farmer, studied at Oxford and in Germany, and became the f..

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CINEMA AND THE URBAN POOR IN SOUTH INDIA,DICKEY,Cambridge University Press,9780521040075,

This study of the Indian cinema is concerned particularly with cinema-goers in Madurai, a city in Ta..

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Comparison in Anthropology,Candea,Cambridge University Press,9781108465045,

Why and how do social and cultural anthropologists make comparisons? What problems do they encounter..

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